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ChiHuo Food Tasting Event 2017

ChiHuo organised a "Food Tasting Event 2017" that featured signature dishes from various local restaurants such as Baker & Table, Snowbear Bakery, Butter Mere, 45 Degree Bubble Tea, Choco Coco, Moment Dessert, Ran’s Deli Food, Cha Le Cafe, Lotus Cake and Teature. For the price of an admission ticket guest are able to try everything from each vendor like a buffet.

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Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh is a popular dessert chain from Taiwan that specializes in fresh taro balls, and herbal jelly. The franchise is started by brother and sister who were born and raised in a farming family in Central Taiwan using selected food ingredients and traditional processes, they made soft taro ball, and herbal jelly desserts to start the business.

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Excellent Tofu

Tofu pudding is a staple in Cantonese dessert that can be served cold or hot, sweet or unsweetened, and plain or toppings.  Excellent Tofu is a no frill's looking shop serving up the best tofu dessert in the city in our opinion. In China, tofu pudding is actually served for breakfast and is topped with savoury toppings instead of sweets.

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