ChiHuo Food Tasting Event 2017


ChiHuo organised a "Food Tasting Event 2017" that featured signature dishes from various local restaurants such as Baker & Table, Snowbear Bakery, Butter Mere, 45 Degree Bubble Tea, Choco Coco, Moment Dessert, Ran’s Deli Food, Cha Le Cafe, Lotus Cake and Teature. For the price of an admission ticket guest are able to try everything from each vendor like a buffet.

Archiact, the virtual reality studio came to the event as well to provide all guests a great VR experience. 

Disclosure: I was invited to check out the event. My admission was free.

This was a nice event to sample signature items from so many local restaurants but I heard from some of my followers that items had run out when they showed up later. It would be more organised if there was some sort of system where people can get a certain amount of items from each stand instead of repeating back multiple times. The way it is set up makes it very easy for someone to bring Tupperware and pack stuff to bring home. It's not that fair for those who pay for a ticket expecting to try everything but don't get the chance to. If they host another Food Tasting Event I would be down to check it out again.