Excellent Tofu

Tofu pudding is a staple in Cantonese dessert that can be served cold or hot, sweet or unsweetened, and plain or toppings.  Excellent Tofu is a no frill's looking shop serving up the best tofu dessert in the city in our opinion. They limit their menu to mainly tofu and soy milk and the results are the best in the city. This is the silkiest tofu we have ever ate. We usually do one with toppings and one plain.  The tofu pudding comes unsweetened but there are bottles of simple and ginger infused syrup to add the right amount of sweetness for you.

In China, tofu pudding is actually served for breakfast and is topped with savoury toppings instead of sweets. They have it here as well but we have never tried it. If you're interested, it's called "Soy Pudding Shanghai Style" on menu! 

Customers have the option to dine in, but also can take home 1,2 or 4 litres of tofu pudding or soy milk. You have an option for sweet or unsweet for the soy pudding, and soy milk. With the soy milk, they have regular and black soy milk. 


  • Soy Pudding + Peanuts | $4

  • Soy Pudding + Green Bean Paste | $4

  • Soy Pudding + Black Sesame Paste | $4

  • Soy Pudding + Basil Seeds | $4

  • Soy Pudding + Grass Jelly | $4

  • Soy Pudding - Regular/Plain | $3.50

  • Soy Pudding + Red Beans + Evaporated Milk | $4.50

  • Soy Pudding + Red Beans + Coconut Milk | $4.50

  • Soy Pudding + Black Sweet Rice & Coconut Milk | $4.50

  • Soy Milk (Takeout) 4L

  • Soy Pudding (Takeout) 2L

  • Sticky Rice Roll | $4

  • Curry Fish Balls | $1.5



Excellent Tofu excels at being a soy speciality restaurant. The texture of the tofu is silky, price is fair, and location is conveniently located near a skytrain. They are cash only so make sure you have some before hand! If there are any dishes you love at Excellent Tofu and think we should try it next time, feel free to contact us!

The Bad:

  • Cash only
  • Wouldn't order anything else but tofu pudding and soy milk

The Good:

  • Best home made tofu dessert in the city, in our opinion
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient location for public transit.

Rating: 8.25/10


Facebook: /ExcellentTofu
Twitter: @excellenttofu
Website: excellenttofu

ADDRESS: 4231 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 3L7
PHONE: (604) 232-0268
HOURS: Sun-Tues: 10:30 A.M. - 10 P.M.
             wednesday: 1:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
             thursday: 10:30 am - 7 p.m.
             fri-sat: 10:30 a.m. - 12 a.m.

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