Moving Coffee Weekend Pop-up @ Taste & See Shop


Moving Coffee defines what is excellent coffee. They source specialty grade green coffee that are roasted and brewed by Edmond.  Edmond, is a SCAA/E certified barista and one of 3500 certified Q Graders in the world which is kind of like the equivalent of a wine sommelier. He was judge in 2011 in the Hong Kong Barista Championship. In 2012 and 2013 he was a certified brewers cup judge. In 2014, he moved from acting as a judge to being a competitor and placed 3rd in the Western Division of the Canadian Barista Championships and 2nd place in 2015 at the Vancouver Regional Barista Championships. Moving Coffee also offers workshops for Barista Training, Latte Art, Q-Grade, and many more. For more information on their workshops check out their website. All of their coffee is roasted with the Proaster.  You are in good hands if you come here!

The cafe is run by husband and wife Edmond and Shirley who are really passionate about coffee and it shows in the drinks! They are a weekend pop-up using the Taste & See space serving coffee on their elegant v60 style pourover stand and espresso drinks made with a La Marzocco Linea Mini and grass fed milk. Shirley bakes all the goodies for the cafe which rotate each week.  Jan 28-29 2017 will be their last weekend at the Taste & See Shop. We recommend dropping by to say hello before they move to their next spot!



  • No milk or sugar for pour over/drip coffee
  • No washrooms in-store. Nearby public washrooms are available.

The coffee menu changes every few months, and sometimes they have limited special beans in stock for a weekend or two. The best way to know what they're serving is to follow them on social media! I tend to try something new every time.

This is a unique cafe for those who desire a good cup of coffee and meet other coffee lovers in the city. The coffee is usually prepared by Edmond but his wife steps in the help out when things get busy! Two kinds of baked goods are offered each week depending on what Shirley feels inspired to make!  I'm sure if you have a request for a past goodie she can make them for you! My favourite are the madelines and cinnamon sugar cookies.


Fun spot for discovering new coffee, training your senses and tasting fantastic quality and baked goods. I keep coming back because there is no cafe quite like this. The experience is so personal and great way to gauge how good coffee can be when trying to improve home brewing. If there is any thing you love at Moving Coffee and think we should try it next time, feel free to contact us!

The Good:

  • High quality coffee 
  • Beans are sourced, roasted and handcrafted by them.
  • Rotating coffee menu
  • Super friendly and passionate team

The Bad:

  • Location is a bit tricky to find the first time.
  • No washrooms in-store. 


Rating: 9.5/10


Facebook: /MovingCoffee
Instagram: @MovingCoffee
Twitter: @MovingCoffee
Tumblr: /MovingCoffee
Vimeo: /MovingCoffee
Website: MovingCoffee

ADDRESS: 129, 1628 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1G1
HOURS: saturday: 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.
             sunday: 11 A.M. - 4 P.M.

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