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2017 Mazda CX-5 GT

Mazda's 17 CX-5 is in my opinion the most attractive, and tunes to be the fun to drive crossover in North America. The attention to detail in the interior is well designed for the driver especially. Nearly every part of the 2017 model has been tweaked in some way to address buyer complaints from last years model. I feel like Mazda has taken an approach to make the car have a luxury feel yet affordable price tag for the mainstream market.

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2017 Mazda MX-5 RF GT

Mazda's 17 MX-5 RF GT is not the most practical car, but it is no doubt a car lovers dream to drive. The steering feel is so accurate with communicating to the driver what the car is feeling.  This is a car made for people who love driving and the price is affordable! I would recommend trying the soft top if you love driving. You'll save 100 lbs making the car even more agile! Personally I think the hard top looks cooler but Mazda spent all the R&D to make the vehicle as light as possible, I feel the soft top is the better option for those who just want to have the full experience of having fun on the road

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2017 Mazda6 GT

Mazda's 17 Mazda6 GT is one of the least powerful cars in its segment but there is no doubt that it is the most fun to drive. It is the most responsive and sportiest. The car is mouth watering, elegant and classy! It puts a smile on my face every time I sit behind the  wheel. This isn't just a car that takes me from point a to b, but a car that makes me want to burn rubber! The lack of option for a v6 is definitely hurting it in terms of sales but it is not a deal breaker for me. Mazda differentiates itself by tuning their vehicles for a heighten sense of fun for the driver.

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2017 Mazda CX3

Mazda's 17 CX-3 is the most attractive compact crossover in my opinion. Although there are more practical and comfortable vehicles in this category there is no car that is more fun to drive than this. This is definitely a vehicle that is for a driving enthusiast. The size of the vehicle make it easy to drive and park in the city.

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