2019 Mazda CX-5 GT & Signature Trim


For this week’s review we’ve gotten our hands on the 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature which is an all new trim level and turbo charged engine! Spoilers the CX-5 won AJAC’s Best Mid Size Utility Vehicle so you can already expect good things!

Disclosure: Mazda Canada provided me with the 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature Trim for a week to test drive, and photograph. All photos in this blog post was taken by me. #MazdaCX5


  • 2.5L I4 187HP @ 6000 & 186 lb-ft @ 2000

  • 2.5L I4 Turbo - 227/250HP @ 5000 & 310 lb-ft @ 2000

  • The horsepower varies in the turbo engine CX-5 depending if you use premium gas or not.

  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

  • 6.4 sec 2.5T

  • If you’ve driven a CX-5 in the past you’ll immediately notice a big difference with the Turbo engine


  • Average stopping score in the Signature trim because the turbo model weighs about 300 lbs heavier than the non-turbo model.


  • Handling feels better than most vehicles in the segment

RIDE: 8.25/10

  • Suspensions are quite comfortable and feels a bit softer than the previous year. It has a nice balance of handle and ride quality


  • 25/31/28- City/Highway/Combined 2.5 FWD

  • 24/30/27- City/Highway/Combined 2.5 AWD

  • 22/27/24- City/Highway/Combined 2.5T AWD


  • Good control of noise like a luxury vehicle


  • Looks great keeping the previous design language.


  • Partially digital guage cluster

  • Class leading in the luxury materials. You’ll actually get real wood trim!

  • Heated steering wheel doesn’t heat the top and bottom of the wheel.

  • Ventilated seats are really nice to have!

  • No paddles for shifting

  • The previous CX-5 had the most fun driving dynamic in the segment but the overall acceleration was lacking making it one of the slowest entries in the segment. Now with the turbocharged engine it’s become the leader in the class.


  • 2 stage recline angle for rear seats.

Combined Legroom:

  • 81.7 - CRV

  • 80.8 - Forester

  • 80.6 - CX-5

  • 79.7 Tucson

  • 78.8 - RAV4

  • 77.7 - Escape

Combined Headroom:

  • 39.6 - Forester

  • 39.5 - RAV4

  • 39.2 - CR-V

  • 39.2 Tucson

  • 39.0 - CX-5

  • 39.0 - Escape


  • 30.9 Cu Ft of storage

  • Middle seat fold forward independently if you needed to fit longer items like skis while seating 2 passengers in the back

  • If you’re the type of person that is hauling lots of stuff then the CX-5 may not work for you. This is a very small price to pay considering how good everything else is in the vehicle and the current cargo capacity will work for most families so I don’t think this is a deal breaker.


  • Love that it comes with Android Auto and Apple Carplay now

  • infotainment is more modern than most mainstream brands

  • Wish that the screen was a bit larger or wide format like the Mazda 3.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE 2019 mazda cx-5 signature:

Mazda’s CX-5 is a good representation of their new philosophy to embrace Mazda Premium over Mazda Speed. It feels a lot more expensive than it is and puts pricey luxury vehicles to shame. I do agree with AJAC that it is the best mainstream mid size CUV. It checks everything I want with a luxury interior, fun driving dynamics, a turbo charged engine while still having family practicality space all for an amazing price. If my money was on the line I would spend it on the CX-5 if I was shopping in the mainstream CUV segment. I am sure I would enjoy this vehicle for years to come.