2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53


For this week’s review we’ve gotten our hands on the 2019 Mercedes AMG CLS53 which replaces the old V8 with an advanced 6 cylinder inline engine accompanied with an electric motor that goes in between the engine and transmission. It is the first time AMG builds a mild hybrid powertrain.

Disclosure: Mercedes Canada provided me with the 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53 for a week to test drive, and photograph. All photos in this blog post was taken by me. #MercedesBenzAMGCLS53


  • 3.0L I6 Turbo with electric auxiliary compressor. Linear and responsive.

  • 429 HP accompanied by a 21 HP electric motor

  • 389 lb-ft

  • AMG Speedshift TCT 9 speed de;livers rapid shift speed especially in Sport+ Mode

  • 4.5 seconds 0-100 km

  • Speed is electronically limited to 250 km/hr but if you get the AMG Driver’s Package the electronic limit is upgraded to 270 km/hr

  • Thanks to its electric motor the car goes really fast in a straight line.


  • Is a pretty heavy car, so it will affect its braking score if you’re looking for AMG that’s track ready but for daily city driving the brakes are more than enough.


  • Handling feels good for a big heavy car. The independent air suspensions on each wheel help keep the car balanced.

RIDE: 8.5/10

  • While the suspensions are stiffer than the regular CLS, I still found it really comfortable.

ECONOMY: 8.5/10

  • 21/28/24- City/Highway/Combined

  • Engine-off coasting / “sailing” function in ECO mode contribute to fuel economy thanks to its mild hybrid system’s high-efficiency recuperation.


  • Speakers output engine and exhaust sounds

  • Other than fake audio,


  • Looks modern and classy.

  • New nose shows off Mercedes design direction.

  • In North America, the rear bumper looks a bit chunky compared to the European version. I find this makes it look less elegant but I assume this is sticked out


  • There are so many first time experiences for me when getting into the CLS53 AMG!

  • The dynamic bolsters of the seat to hold you in tight when going into corners triggers quickly

  • The smoothest implementation of start and go I’ve ever experienced. It’s almost not noticeable.

  • Speed sensitive steering. The steering gets heavier at higher speeds!

  • Technology is very well integrated making for a good user experience

  • Although the engine and exhaust sound is being outputted via the speakers it sounds good!

  • Huge fan of the dual 12.3 inch wide display. Big WOW factor for someone experiencing it for the first time

  • Massaging seats with multiple modes make it a treat for longer drives.


  • Front passenger receives massaging seats too!

  • Because of the coupe profile with the sloping roof design, rear passengers will experienced reduced head room. If you’re using the sedan as a family car, and transport taller people that might be a con.


  • The lever to open the trunk is cleverly integrated into the logo creating clean lines for the exterior body.

  • Has two hooks to hang grocery bags

  • I haven’t tested enough sedans in this price range but there seems to be adequate cargo space for daily life.


  • The most modern looking infotainment of any brand I’ve tested. Graphics and interface matches the times.
    I find other brands, their graphics look like it’s from the 90s in terms of design style.

  • Very easy to use with the touch swipe pad on the steering wheel

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE 2019 Mercedes Benz amg cls53:

Mercedes Benz’s 2019 AMG CLS53 successfully combines mild hybrid technology and AMG performance with a sleek and classy looking 4-door coupe. While it doesn’t have a hand built V8 engine, and purist may not say it’s a real AMG, I can say the team did a great job with mimicking the feeling of a V8 with the new powertrain system. If you’re in the market for a sedan, and looking for something that stands out from the crowd, the CLS is a great choice. I look forward to the future of AMG cars and seeing the mild hybrid powertrain paired with a V8 or V12 engine one day!