2019 Mercedes Benz A250 Hatchback


For this week’s review we’ve gotten our hands the most affordable Mercedes line, the A class, which is finally coming to Canada after being in Europe for more than 20 years! In North America, the A250 is exclusively available in hatchback for Canada.

Disclosure: Mercedes Canada provided me with the 2019 Mercedes Benz A250 Hatchback for a week to test drive, and photograph. All photos in this blog post was taken by me. #MercedesBenzA250


  • 2.0L I4 Turbo - 221HP @ 5500 & 258 lb-ft @ 1800-4000

  • 7-speed dual clutch automatic

  • 6.2 second 0-100 km/hr

  • Would love an AMG engine one day in this!


  • Short stopping distance thanks to its low curb weight and larger tires from the Sport/Night package

HANDLING: 8.5/10

  • Overall handling feel is agile and grips the road

RIDE: 7.5/10

  • Suspensions is slightly firmer even in comfort mode. While I did enjoy the comfort mode my wife felt it was still a bit too stiff


  • 23.8/33.6/28.7- City/Highway/Combined


  • Good control of noise in the cabin as expected from a luxury vehicle


  • The car looks really really good if you get it with the Sport or Night package.

  • Incorporates Mercedes-Benz new front-end design and focuses on aerodynamic efficiency.

  • Aggressive, appealing and aerodynamic looking.

  • Exhaust tips are fake though!


  • The interior has a huge wow factor with the massive digital dashboard. The sheer amount of tech will wow anyone. However the base model doesn’t have this, you have to get the premium package to receive the large display.

  • Has a voice system similar to Siri where you can ask it questions like what’s the temperature outside? Or change car settings via voice command like the climate, and sunroof opening/closing.

  • Once you bring up the cameras it is noticable the image is a much better resolution compared to other brands. The only thing is the colours look a bit saturated and cyan but I’m happy with how clear the image is.

  • The steering wheel has a mini touchpad that works exceptionally well. In the center console there’s also a larger touchpad controller you have the option to use as well that has a haptic feedback.

  • I should mention is all the ports are USB-C. If you don’t have a modern phone you may not be able to charge. This is the first car I’ve tested with USB-C ports and I had to use a dongle to connect my phone!


  • Rear seats are pretty good for both knee and leg room for a hatch!

  • Rear windows might feel a bit small, it would be nice if there was a panoramic sunroof option to let in a bit more light.


  • Trunk is wide and can get stuff into it easily

  • Has a decent amount of space. Not the biggest in the segment but still practical.

  • 3 way folding seats go flat. You can have the middle seat down to fit longer items like skis while having 2 passengers in the back.


  • The most amazing infotainment I have used from any brand and one could write an entire essay talking about all the things it could. It’s incredibly impressive especially considering its price point.

  • Voice command system “Hey, Mercedes.” reminds me a lot about Siri.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE 2019 Mercedes Benz A250:

Overall, the A250 is an all around great car that’s fast, and agile but what sold me is the tech and interior fit & finish. The A250 is the future and has left an impression on me with just how value oriented this is for a Mercedes Benz. You get top end tech for a supposedly low end car. For me this feels like a legit Mercedes-Benz rather than an average car with their logo stamped on.

My favourite part is how you get tech from their S-Class and E-Class line. For an entry level luxury car it raises the bar for the interior and tech you get. Everything inside looks so cool, roomy and comfortable. Even though I understand most buyers will want to get a Benz for as cheap as possible, the way to really appreciate the A250 is to go all in with the options to get all the top end tech.

The A250 proves that when it comes to impressing your friends, size doesn’t matter. Anyone who sits in the car is going to love it, especially tech nerds.