2019 Mercedes AMG E53


For this week’s review we’ve gotten our hands on the 2019 Mercedes AMG E53 Coupe is the first ever hybrid AMG along with the CLS53 which we recently took a look at. It is also the first E class AMG with no B pillars! They have no competition in the luxury space as they’re the only ones that sell a 2 door in the midsize segment in this price range.

Disclosure: Mercedes Canada provided me with the 2019 Mercedes AMG E53 for a week to test drive, and photograph. All photos in this blog post was taken by me. #MercedesBenzAMGE53


  • 3.0L I6 Turbo with electric auxiliary compressor.

  • 429 HP accompanied by 21 HP electric motor.

  • Hooked up to the same 9 Speed automatic as the CLS53

  • Speed is electronically limited to 250 km/hr but if you get the AMG Driver’s Package the electronic limit is upgraded to 270 km/h

  • 4.4 seconds 0-100 km


  • Decent stopping ability but not race car levels which AMG is normally associated with.


  • Handles really well for being a lower tier AMG car

  • AWD works really well, almost no slip driving on regulary pavement!

RIDE: 7.5/10

  • The ride can feel stiff but it is an AMG..

ECONOMY: 9.5/10

  • 21/28/24.5- City/Highway/Combined

  • For the amount of horsepower you have respectable
    fuel economy numbers!

EXTERIOR: 7.5/10

  • The rear 3/4 view is amazing especially with the windows down with it’s B-pillar less design!

  • The front head out is feeling a bit soft and blob like in comparison to the CLS53 and A250.


  • Interior feels good and comfortable, and reminds me of the much more expensive S class.

  • Personally the exhaust is a bit boring sounding comparing to other AMGs

  • Driving wise, the electric motor helps a lot to essentially removes any feeling of lag

  • Technology is very well integrated making for a good user experience

  • Even though I have seen the dual wide display in a few Mercedes already, it never ceases to wow me!

  • During the day time I feel like there’s just a bit too much black inside the car. In the evening it’s cool because you have the glowing strips of lights around the car.

  • Seats are ventilated, heated, and offer tons of massage modes.


  • The rear seats are pretty comfy but getting out of the rear is challenging because there are no latches on the ceiling to hold onto like other cars, and no B pillar to grasp onto to help pull you out. My natural instinct is to grab onto the B pillar to pull myself out but I found my hand reaching for the window wondering if the glass would break. I ended up just awkwardly stumbling out instead of balancing on anything.

  • The backseats have a decent amount of leg room. Head room is a luxury due to the sloping roof design.

  • Front passenger also gets massage seats!

  • Rear middle seat is unusable!


  • Like the CLS53, to open the trunk the latch is cleverly integrated into the logo

  • Has hooks on the cieling to hang grocery bags


  • The infotainment is a generation back from the one that lets you say “Hey Mercedes” which we recently got to try out in the A250. It’s too bad that the E53 doesn’t get this considering it is a much more expensive car.

  • Even thoough the tech is older it’s not bad! I think in my mind when I pay more I should be able to have everything from their more affordable vehicles at a minimium.


Overall the Mercedes AMG E53 is a good car even though it’s not a “real” AMG with a hand built engine. What makes this car special is the mild hybrid powertrain under the hood and the fuel efficiency benefits you get in return to use it as a daily driver while still having a good amount of power. If you don’t need a beefy V8 engine the E53 AMG will give you the performance you desire.

I am excited to see what the future has in store with Mercedes Benz potentially implementing this to more powerful engines!