Coffee Potluck x Timbertrain - Meet Me in Tokyo [Sept 2017]


Sept 2017 YVR Coffee Potluck hosted at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters. Coffee Potlucks are a casual meetup to share, taste and talk. Each month CoffeePotluck partners with a venue to host this event. Usually it is the first Sunday of the month. How  it works? Brings a coffee and tastes a coffee. If we have a dozen people show up, we may potentially taste 12 different coffees. The baristas will prepare all 12 coffees the same way so you can taste the differences. The preparation method may change each month, sometimes prepared with Hario v60, Kalita, Espro, or cupping.

If you hear about the event last minute and want to pop in there isn't too much pressure to have to bring something. I always have a few extra bags of coffee with me if needed. ;) It's a lot of fun to meet people who love coffee while learning and tasting something new each time!

Follow /CoffeePotluck on Facebook as the venue changes each month. 

This month all the coffee is brought by Eddyson. He was in Tokyo and brought back a ton of coffee roasted there back for us to taste. Ayaka who did a road trip along the west coast in the US also brought some coffee for us to try! Today everything was brewed using a Hario v60. Thank you Timbertrain for providing the space for the monthly coffee potluck!

Below are some photographs I snapped at the potluck. Enjoy!

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