Amato Gelato x Foodgressing Collaboration Gelato Flavour | Ube & Coconut


Local food blogger, Foodgressing and Mario's Gelati collaborated to make this Ube & Coconut Gelato available for a limited time till it runs out. Purple yam gelato is marbled with creamy coconut.

Disclosure: I was invited to a media tasting to try the new flavour for free. 

The both of us really enjoyed the flavour combination with the coconut. The coconut wasn't overpowering. It added an extra layer of complexity and creaminess to each bite. 

Be sure to check out the Amato Gelato to try a scoop!

Have you ever dreamed of coming up with your own gelato flavour?  

With colder temperatures coming I'm craving for a Hazelnut Sea Salt Chocolate Espresso Stout flavour gelato using only BC handcrafted products or locally grown ingredients. I would use @hoynebrewing Voltage Espresso as the stout. @vanislesalt for the sea salt. @eastvanroasters for chocolate. "Canadian Hazelnut Inc" farm in Agassiz, BC for the hazelnuts.