VCBW x Lamplighter IP-Hazy Whole Hog Cookout & Crawfish Boil


Lamplighter Public House hosted a signature event for 2017 VCBW where they had a whole hog cook out and crawfish boil. A full pig was spinning while massive pot of spicy & seasoned crawfish & veg boils. The whole craft beer menu was a selection of the haziest IPAs! There was also a secret beer not on the menu from Heartstone.

Admission was $49 which includes a plate of food, 3 14oz sleeves of drink tickets and 1 raffle ticket. Additional beer tickets can be purchased for $2 (4 oz) and $5.65 (14 oz) and $7 (18oz)

On the right is the raffle prize! Near the end of the night they drew a ticket and announced the winner! It comes with a beer brewing starter kit from Northern Brewer and Dark Star Burner 2.0. I'm not sure what is in the left box in the rear but it's probably more home beer brewing equipment! This is the perfect gift for someone who is looking to brew beer at home!

For basketball fans, they had the NBA playoffs on all night.

I started with the Superflux IPA and proceeded to order my food right away before all the orders slam then kitchen. My friend who joined me later ordered her food and it took forever to arrive! I went a few minutes early but to my only disappointment  the whole hog was cooked prior to event and portioned out already.. I want hoping to see it spinning on the patio with a huge pot of crawfish. I think it would enhance the whole experience of the event by so much to see live cooking and carving!

There was a secret beer that didn't make it to the menu from Heartstone. It's a White IPA and the folks from the brewery went around to give everyone samples! I enjoyed this a lot. If I didn't already have 6 sleeves to drink I would've ordered one of these. I've added them to my list of breweries to check out in the future!

Overall Impression of Lamplighter IP-Hazy Whole Hog Cookout & Crawfish Boil:

The beer selection was on point and door prize was perfect for the crowd coming to this type of event! I'm a huge basketball fan so it was nice the playoffs were live!  The only thing that didn't live up to the hype was that it was advertised to having a whole hog spinning. I was expecting a bit more of a show in the food area although I understand the event