Kahve is a modern minimalistic cafe owned and operated by husband and wife in Kitsilano serving Phil and Sebastian coffee, tea from O5 & The Tea Guys, sandwiches, soups, salad, toast, and baked goods. The cafe has high ceilings with wooden, concrete and white furnishing reminds me of beautifully designed loft. The massive windows let in a ton of natural light too! 

The couple previously operated a gift shop called Enflux. After the lease was up, they decided to start a new business. They kick started the idea of opening a cafe with a portion of the space as a gift shop featuring housewares, coffee equipment, watches and jewellery. 


  • Avocado Toast | $9.95

  • Smoked Salmon Toast | $14.95

  • Cappuccino | $4

  • Matcha Latte | $4.50

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

  • Pecan Chewie

Avcoado on toast: Avocado on healthy rye toast with soft boiled free range organic egg, organic baby greens, cherry tomatoes, radish & cow's feta cheese.

When I first saw the avocado toast, I was surprised how beautifully symmetrical it was. Everything was hand placedthoughtfully like a piece of art. It reminded me of a Wes Anderson film where all the shots are crafted with insane amount of symmetry. I decided to honour that look by doing many flat lays and keeping the composition as symmetrical as possible. 

Visually it looked so good! The best part is it tasted as good as it looked. All the ingredients tasted so fresh and seasoning was perfectly balanced. We didn't mind not having bacon and sausages for brunch today! Definitely good for those who are looking for a tasty healthy and light lunch.

I think if this dish was to reach the next level it would be to upgrade the bread! I can only imagine how it would taste on a slice of sourdough from Fife Bakery or Nelson The Seagull!

Smoked salmon on toast - cold smoked sockeye salmon, avocado, free range organic egg, capers, pickled red onion, & organic micro greens on dark rye bread

This is a great option for those who are looking for a bit more protein and complexity to the dish. The picked red onion, cold smoked sockeye salmon, dill and capers add a lot of interesting things to the dish! If you asked us which we liked more, it would be a tie! They were both fantastic.

Our matcha latte and cappuccino was handmade by Yuki. The baristas here always put 110% to make beautiful latte art.He won the latte art throw down at Espressotec a few months ago! He made us inverted swan designs! Don't they look beautiful as a set? I wish I took the photo sooner because the cappuccino started to have air bubbles appear! The coffee beans are from a Calgary roaster, Phil & Sebastian, and the matcha is from O5 teas. The matcha is imported from Jeju Island, South Korea. 

The YouTube video below is some behind the scenes footage of Yuki making us the two drinks!

One of the things I always check in every cafe is the washroom. A lot of cafes fail in this department with filthy washrooms that ruin the experience but wow, it looked like no one had used it all day! Everything was shiny like a furniture store. When we left, Mao asked if we can furnish our home like the cafe when it's finished construction? 

They also host coffee events partnered with others in the industry to brew better coffee at home. There was one recently on April 28th 2017. I attended one a while back with coffee potluck! Be sure to check out them on social media if they host anything else!

The below two videos is of Mao breaking the Pecan Chewie in half and a 180 video panorama of the cafe.


Kahve offers a place to meet up with friends in a comfortable, clean, and friendly cafe that has healthy & light food, and good coffee.  We would be interested in coming again to try more of the food menu and having a cup of coffee and matcha latte again! If there is anything you love at Kahve and think we should try it next time, feel free to contact us!

The Bad:

  • None

The Good:

  • Clean cafe; even the washrooms!

  • Super friendly service; no pressure to up sell you.

  • Good value

Rating: 9/10


Facebook: /kahvevancouver
Instagram: @kahvevancouver
Twitter: @KahveVancouver
Website: kahvevancouver

ADDRESS: 1822 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 0B3
HOURS: Mon-Fri  7:30 am - 5:30 pm
             sat-Sun  9 am - 5 pm

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