2019 Genesis G70


For this week’s review we’ve gotten our hands on the all new 2019 Genesis G70 which recently won North American Car of the Year.

Disclosure: Genesis Canada and JS Auto provided me with the 2019 Genesis G70 for a week to test drive, and photograph. All photos in this blog post was taken by me. #GenesisG70


  • 2.0L Turbo I4 - 252 HP @ 6200 & 260 lb-ft @1450-4100

  • 3.3 L Turbo V6 - 365 HP@6000 & 376 lb-ft @ 1300-4500

  • 6 speed Manual (2.0 T)

  • 8 speed automatic

  • 4.6 second 0-100 km/hr (3.3 T)

BRAKING: 7.8/10

  • Average to good stopping scores

HANDLING: 8.25/10

  • Suspension tuning balances the car well in corners

RIDE: 8/10

  • Adaptive suspensions to help make the ride quality comfortable. Note the adaptive suspensions only come in the 3.3 L version.

ECONOMY: 6.5/10

  • I was a bit surprised how much gas the car uses compared to its rivals.

  • 18/28/22 - City/Highway/Combined 2.0 RWD 6M

  • 22/30/25 - City/Highway/Combined 2.0 RWD 8A

  • 21/28/23 - City/Highway/Combined 2.0 AWD 8A

  • 18/26/21 - City/Highway/Combined 3.3 RWD 8A

  • 18/25/20 - City/Highway/Combined 3.3 AWD 8A


  • Good as expected from a luxury category vehicle. Most cars in this category will have similar cabin noise scores.


  • Expected styling from a luxury brand. Nothing controversial


  • After sitting in the car for a week the seats are incredibly comfortable.

  • Love how there is a lot of physical buttons instead of touch screen driven.

  • Overall driving experience was a ton of fun!


  • Unfortunately the front passenger seat does not have the same range of control as the driver like other premium brands

  • Rear leg room is one of the best in it’s category but headroom is one of the lowest scoring.

  • Rear seats are heated!

Combined Legroom:

  • 77.5 S60

  • 77.4 G70

  • 77.1 3-Series

  • 77.0 A4

  • 77.0 IS

  • 76.9 C-Class

  • 76.5 XE

  • 76.0 ATS

Rear Headroom:

  • 37.7 3 -Series

  • 37.4 A4

  • 37.2 S60

  • 37.1 C-Class

  • 37.0 XE

  • 36.9 G70

  • 36.9 IS

  • 36.8 ATS


  • Fairly compact trunk. 105 Cu Ft.

  • Should fit about 4 24 inch luggage

  • If you lift up the floor you’ll find additional storage with dividers and a tire mobility kit.


  • Sitting inside the vehicle you would not know it is a Hyundai until the infotainment system boots up.

  • Although Hyundai’s infotainment system is very easy to use I wish they will make the experience more luxurious in the future and offer a full digital display across the entire dashboard like it’s competitors.

  • Supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay unlike some other premium brands that only offer support for one.


Up till now the value options from non European brands always felt a step lower but with the G70 it really bridges the gap for consumers to get a high quality product for a great price. Genesis has a real winner, and as the sales show, the Canadian market loves it! Note that the manual transmission version of the vehicle is also only available in Canada. It is nice they made the effort to provide that for enthusiast although I do not expect that version to be a top seller.

If you're looking for a premium compact sport sedan, this is the car manufacturers will have to beat moving forward into the future. It is so much fun to drive and makes you feel like you’re driving something special.