2018 Science of Cocktail Media Preview


Every year the Science World is transformed into Vancouver’s largest cocktail laboratory.  At Science of Cocktails, the city’s most talented bartenders and chefs will showcase the chemistry, biology and physics behind preparing modern cocktails and cuisine. Fancy cocktails is something we absolutely love so every year this is an event we really look forward to.

Tonight we got to attend a media preview of what we can expect at the main event. It was held at Showcase and had a number of bar and food stations. The chilled jumbo shrimp served with martini sauce was from The Keg.  The Char Sui pork rillettes was from Showcase. It is topped with Yuzu pearls.

The Pink Flower Roll is from Hapa Izakaya. The pink layer is a thinly sliced radish dyed with beet juice. Inside there was shiso, asparagus, albacore tuna, and egg.The shiso leaves in the roll give it a refreshing taste as well.

For those new to Science of Cocktail, the ticket price includes all your drinks. General admission is $159 and the VIP access is $289. You're free to drink as much as you can handle. I would recommend going around to try one of everything and returning for seconds from your favourites just so you can get experience all the different creations. 

The sales from the tickets go towards Science World’s Class Field Trip Bursary Program for under served schools. The program helps to send thousands of kids from under served schools enjoy field trips to Science World. Last year they were able to send 8,000+ students and hopefully they can send even more this year!

There was a station for guest to see how fast they can shake. After playing the game to get our score, we can have a drink! One of the highlights was the water fountain where it will be pouring the cocktail from at the main event!

There was also a ping pong cannon station which was pretty hard to ignore as it was really loud every time it went off! It used air pressure to fire a ping pong ball at 700 km/hr to shoot through pop cans.

Overall the preview was fun with lots of unique drinks. We are hyped for the main event coming soon! There is nothing like that in Vancouver! Let us know on Instagram if you'll be at the event. Let's connect!