2017 Ford Focus Electric


Electric & Hybrid cars have been growing more in popular with gas prices continually rising. They make for greener and saves you dollars at the pump. This week we test the 2017 Ford Focus Electric and see how it performs.

Disclosure: Ford Canada provided me with the 2017 Focus Electric for a week to test drive, and photograph. All photos in this blog post was taken by me.


  • 107kW Electric Motor is quiet, energy-efficient ride but delivers a quick, and smooth acceleration.
  • 1-speed automatic transmission

BRAKING: 8.8/10

  • Regenerative Braking System which charges the electric motor every time the brake is activated

HANDLING: 7.5/10

  • Light weight car makes it very agile in the corners and changing lanes
  • Fairly precise steering

RIDE: 7.5/10

  • Comfortable but not a vehicle that is taken off road

ECONOMY: 10/10

  • Definitely a green way of commuting but charging time is really long


  • There is almost no noise. The engine is so quiet that often times I wonder if the car is even on.

EXTERIOR: 8.5/10

  • Attractive looking vehicle and it based off a regular gas car so it blends in with the crowd.


  • Very easy to use as the build is based off one of their regular models


  • Rear seats are a tight fit
  • Front passenger seat has enough leg room


  • Awkward hump in the back of the trunk creates an undesired angle for storing larger items.

Safety|Security|Tech: 8/10

  • Child-Safety Rear Door Locks
  • Back-Up Camera
  • SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System
  • Curtain 1st and 2nd Row Airbags
  • Driver Knee Airbag
  • AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • ABS Traction Control
  • Side Impact Beams
  • Dual Stage Driver & Passenger SeatSide Airbags
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Tire Specific Low Tire Pressure Warning


Ford's 2017 Focus Electric is an interesting vehicle that surprised me. This is a car for those who want a greener option. It was satisfying to drive, the brake coach reports back to the driver on how much energy is recovered from the regenerative braking system. It was always a game to see if I could recover 100% of the energy spent. It makes for a great commuter vehicle and there are lots of free charging stations around town so you may not even have to pay the recharge fees at home! You can find the charging station from apps like Chargepoint.

One of my pet peeve is the kms that I can drive. It doesn't make for a good road trip vehicle unless you plan to take long washroom breaks to recharge the battery. Not to say its impossible to do a long road trip but you will need to really plan where to charge the vehicle. My 2nd pet peeve is driving at high speeds like on the highway causes the projected amount of miles left to plummet like fast. It seems to be dropping faster than the distance I am actually travelling. Apparently that is an issue amongst all entry level electric vehicles.

That being said, the vehicle is still a great option for those who commute in the city and have access to a home charger. It's compact enough making it easy to park in the city. As someone who likes to do long road trips, this won't be my first car to purchase but I would consider having an electric car as a second vehicle to reduce my CO2 foot print. I will be keeping an eye on battery technology improving in the future. I like the concept of it but I don't think the technology is there yet for me to make the switch completely.