Vancouver Mural Festival Meets Vancouver Craft Beer Week


Vancouver Craft Beer Week Signature Event with Vancouver Mural Festival to celebrate local art and beer scene in the VMF HQ gallery. This was the last event to cap off the week before the 2 day festival at the PNE Fairgrounds.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event for free. I was given 1 entry ticket but I also purchased a ticket for Mao to come with me. 

Upon arrival there was a beautiful spread to snack on. They provided dates, oranges, 2 kinds of olives & grapes, flat bread, cheese, and cherry tomatoes. The way the food was laid out looked like a still life painting! The food isn't pre-portioned so first come first serve! There was plenty for everyone though so there was no need for everyone to fight over the food.

Each area of the gallery had a different vibe and the walls had beautiful murals painted on them! Walk around and enjoy the art.  I'm not sure if this space is generally open to the public but this is nice venue to host parts or even do to product photo shoot!

The beer was provided by Main Street Brewing. We were all given 1 drink ticket with the option to buy more with cash. They had 2 beers on tap, the fruit bomb kettle sour and main street pilsner. Their pilsner won silver at the 2016 Canadian Craft Brewing Awards and Gold in the 2016 Vancouver Magazine Craft Beer Awards. We tried a cup of each! Both were great in their own way. It would have been nice if the event has souvenir VCBW taster cups like on opening night at Roundhouse and another signature event Portland Craft.

All the walls were filled with art work but there was 2 blank walls! One of the walls was for guest to paint on with brushes and spray canisters. The other wall an artist was drawing a mural. We are professional traditional artists so it was lots of fun to just do whatever and play around as we both love art culture! There was also a large table with a sheet of paper rolled across it with markers for us to doodle on too! When the wall and and table was blank


This is a fun festival for those who like art culture and want to experiment with playing around with paint, spray paint and markers! The beer was good but selection was pretty limited to 2 beers from one brewery. The convenient thing is that Strathacona Brewery is beside the venue if you're looking to have more variety! We are both East coasters who lived in Toronto and Montreal where art culture is pretty prominent. It is something we miss a lot after moving here so we really enjoyed the event and would come back to this one next year if possible!