Tako is a korean-mexican fusion restaurant located in the Chinatown area offering tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and bowls with a korean twist. Its conveniently located outside the Stadium-Chinatown stadium which makes it easy for us to skytrain down from work at lunch to grab a bite and get back to the office. Customers walk in, order and pay at the counter. Grab a seat to eat in, they'll deliver your order to you. They also have happy hour specials on the weekday from 2-5 PM for any of their 3-tacos, bibimbap, burrito, and quesadilla for $8.


  • Tako Taco | Grilled Beef Belly | $2.95

  • Jeju Taco | Spicy Pork Belly | $2.95

  • Gangnam Taco | BBQ Short Rib | $3.45

  • Seoul Taco | Deep-Fried Spicy Chicken | $2.95

  • Kimchi Quesadilla | Pan-fried Kimchi & Bulgogi | $8.95

  • Bulgogi Bimbimbap Rice Bowl | $9.50

  • BBQ Short Rib Bimbimbap Rice Bowl | $9.95

Tacos are always so tasty and beautiful looking. I like the thought put behind each one as they pair each protein with different toppings and sauces that compliment the flavour. The only drawback is I could eat 8 of these easily. It's not very filling.

Burritos is where it's at if you want to fill up as its packed with rice too! I've always done the BBQ Short Rib. The only drawback is they are not consistent with their rice to meat ratio in the burrito. 2/3 times the burrito was mostly rice and very little meat. The picture above was the one time where it was mostly meat.

Quesadilla was tasty. I liked how there was cheese in there. It definitely felt much more filling by itself than just having tacos.


Tako provides korean style tacos, burritos and quesadillas at an cheaper price compared to their competitors like Disco Cheetah and at the same time they provide tastier products in our opinion. We like how the ingredients with each protein is paired to compliment it. The space is clean, and food comes out fast. I wouldn't drive all the way out here just for it but there are a bunch of unique shops in the area so if you plan a day trip to walk around the neighbourhood it's a great spot to grab a bite. The shop is also pretty clean as you can tell from the photos! If there is anything you love at Tako and think we should try it next time, feel free to contact us!

The Bad:

  • Tacos aren't filling

  • Burrito's protein to rice ratio is not consistent

The Good:

  • Taste good, and not too expensive

  • Has happy hour

  • Open late

Rating: 7.8/10


Facebook: /Tako
Instagram: @TakoVancouver
Website: TakoVancouver

ADDRESS:  601 Expo Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6B 6B8
PHONE: (778) 379-7010
HOURS: DAILY 11 A.M. - 10 P.M.

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