Vij's Railway Express


Vij's Railway Express is a food truck in Vancouver that specializes in Indian fusion food. They are Indian cuisine with modern and German twist with items like the naan wrap chicken schnitzel with butter chicken sauce. They also have a selection of Indian sodas like Limca, Thums Up Cola, and Fanta Orange.


  • Butter Chicken Schnitzel | $12.5

  • Crispy Cauliflower Bites | $6

  • Limca | $2.5

Follow them on twitter at @VijsRailway to find out their location and hours. Just look for the blue truck with yellow sign! It should be pretty easy to spot as they tend to have a giant line too. Above is some photos of the truck to help you spot it. We got to try them by Robson Square for the Food Truck festival.

Crispy cauliflower bites are crispy and tasty nuggets served in a paper cone. It comes with two dippings sauces. The way it's serve works perfectly for street food. 

Butter chicken schnitzel served with basmati rice and naan. Now this is served like a rice bowl. In the past, when I ordered this dish they took the naan and wrapped the deep fried chicken, butter chicken sauce and veggies like a burrito. I actually preferred eating it that way as it was easier to eat on the go. The sauce is packed with flavour and the deep fried batter add a nice texture to every bite. I quite enjoyed it!

I also decided to pick up an Indian soda, Limca. It's kind of like a 7up/Sprite but a bit more lime-y and refreshing. I asked my indian friend about it and he mentioned it use to be Indian lemonade till Coca-Cola bought them. I felt this tasted pretty similiar to Sprite but in a different bottle.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF Vij's Railway Express:

Vij's Railway Express is food truck doing exciting things moving Indian cuisine forward. Some may call the food not traditional, but I'm glad to see he is pushing the cuisine further while still keeping it simple enough to eat as street food. Everything tastes great, but portions are a bit small. We would still recommend to try as you'll be able to enjoy new and creative ways of prepare traditional Indian cuisine. If there is anything you love at Vij's Railway Express and think we should try it next time, feel free to contact us!

The Bad:

  • Portions are a bit small

The Good:

  • Tasty items that aren't available at other Indian restaurants and food trucks.

Rating: 8/10


Facebook: /VijsRailway
Instagram: @vijsrailway
Twitter: @VijsRailway
Website: VijsRailway

PHONE: (604) 639-3335

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